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Why Baby Boomers Should Consider Online Marketing

Baby Boomers should consider online marketing for several reasons. Consider the following: Retirement nest eggs aren't what they once were; Elder care markets are about to go through the roof; Baby Boomers are a tremendous growth market; Boomers embrace new products and technologies and; Online marketing can be a goldmine.

Retirement nest eggs aren't what they once. Let's just get the ugly out of the way. Boomers spent their entire career building up their nest egg through savings, stock portfolios, 401Ks, pension accounts, and home equity. However, on the eve of retirement for the first wave of retirement eligible Boomers the nation experienced its worst recession since 1929. We won't go into all the details of the recession but a few highlights are of interest. Unemployment has been between 8 and 10% nationwide. Homeowners are finding themselves with mortgages greater than the value of their homes. Foreclosures and bankruptcies are at all time highs. It just goes on and on. All of a sudden those golden nest eggs turned into goose eggs for many.

Elder care markets are about to go through the roof. With 77 million people born between 1946 and 1964 (U.S. Census Bureau), which is defined as the baby boomer era, elder care is about to take off. In fact, U.S. Census Bureau data shows that the 50+ age adults will be the only growth demographic (measured by age) between now and 2015. There will be a tremendous market for products and services, the likes of which this country has not seen.

Baby Boomers are a tremendous growth market. The number of U.S. adults over age 50 will soar over the next ten years. According to the American Association of Retired Persons, those aged 50 and older will represent 45% of the U.S. population by 2015. They will continue to use their buying power, developed over the last 40 years, because that is what they are used to doing. And why not, they already control 67% of the nation's wealth according to the U.S. Census and Federal Reserve. According to the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey, 65% of the aggregate net worth of all U.S. households is owned by adults 50 and older. Here's a staggering statistic that demonstrates just how huge this market is: people in the 50-64 age group had a median net worth of $777,517 in 2009 - almost 13 times the $61,173 reported for the under 35 age group (NetworthIQ).

Boomers embrace new products and technologies. When it comes to embracing new products and technologies Boomers always have been at the forefront. In fact, new products and technologies may well define the Baby Boomer generation. During the course of their adult lives, Boomers have designed, developed, invented, and spearheaded the development of most of the products and technology in use today. Examples include; electric blankets, electric toothbrushes, microwave ovens, electric razors, safer automobiles and airplanes, personal computers, cell phones, PDAs, e-mail, and voicemail, the internet itself, and a wide range of other products. They use electronics at work, and at home. You might say their entire lives have been about change.

Online marketing can be a goldmine. Most retirees will have multiple sources of income in their retirement years. For those Boomers considering post-retirement employment as another source of income, the internet marketing can be a very viable and sensible option. Consumers like shopping on the internet for its convenience and immediate or nearly so access to products. With over 2 billion people on the internet, online marketing gives one an immediate global presence. Again, Boomers represent a huge market to enterprising online entrepreneurs. Here are a few advantages of internet or online marketing:

  •     Advertising- immediate high quality, cost-effective, and long-term exposure compared to other forms of advertising.
  •     Return on investment- daily insight of how much traffic you're getting, what your sales conversions are, and which products sell the best.
  •     Minimum headaches- no employees necessary although some choose to outsource part of the work. Most online entrepreneurs work out of their homes.
  •     No purchasing or stocking a huge inventory. Many products are electronic or warehoused and shipped by third parties.
  •     Low risk investment with high potential returns.
  •     High traffic median- as of this writing there are over 49 million listings on Google just for the phrase "online marketing." That shows you there is a lot of interest.
  •     Ease of entry into the marketplace through an online presence. You can literally be online in a matter of a couple of hours with thousands of products available to you.
  •     Training resources and development are readily available. You have to research this one because there are many sources and many price levels. Look for one that offers a tremendous training library with minimal ongoing expenses.
  •     Tremendous income potential- working with the right people (successful online marketers) and emulating their methods will result in some very good income.

Some Baby Boomers are already actively pursuing and achieving their dream retirement years through online marketing. That's not an oxymoron because you actually can have a great deal of leisure time (retirement) while earning a very nice income (online marketing) because your business works for you 24 hours each day, 365 days a year, and is global. You will want to carefully research online marketing opportunities to ensure a profitable and fun adventure.

A high quality internet marketing opportunity should include extensive training resources, professional mentoring and coaching, a high quality product with massive demand, and a simple yet effective marketing plan. To learn more about the exciting and high profit potential of online marketing visit Online marketing [].

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By: Michael Wethington

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Free Online Marketing Tools - The Lowdown

Free Online Marketing Tools refers to any online software or portal that can be used to create, build, manage and promote an online business within the Internet marketing arena. It is true to say that almost every job completed by any piece of software could actually be done by hand. The software is typically designed to automate the process and therefore save considerable time for the user. I decided to create an online business using only free online marketing tools and resources from around the Internet.

I began by making a list of all the tools I expected I would need to create a professional looking website that would be attractive and easy for my visitors to navigate. I had already researched my subject matter and considered that my new website would be reasonably unique, although that is not necessary as the Internet provides such a huge market. I had in mind to begin with such tools as an HTML editor, a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) utility that would allow me to create source code, not just for a complete website but any little snippets I might require along the way. I would also need a decent image editor, or maybe more than just one, to create the unique visual effects that would add the attractive qualities to my website. I found a quality meta tag generator, a favicon maker, a button generator, text editor and one or two other free online marketing tools and I was good to go.

Now I'm ready to introduce one of the greatest free online marketing tools of them all! I decided to present my new website in Blog format. There are many reasons I chose to do that. There was a time when blogs looked very basic and uninspiring, but they served a purpose and the search engined loved them, as they were typically updated with new information often on a daily basis. Nowadays, with new updates, choice of skins and a plethora of plug-ins that will do almost anything, blogs can look much the same as regular websites, but they are easier to update, and the search engines still love them. Of the blog platforms available I chose WordPress, because of the high levels of versatility and support, and proceeded to download the latest version. WordPress boast a 5 minute installation for their blog software, and I can verify that is all it takes.

Within 5 minutes I had uploaded the blog software to my vacant domain, albeit a bare and uninteresting website, but I was ready and keen to begin work on the creative aspects of building my site.. The process that would, I hoped, set it apart from the rest. I perused the hundreds of different themes available for the WordPress platform, and in keeping with my desire to build my online business using free online marketing tools only, I chose a gorgeous free theme, the layout of which I considered would suit my needs perfectly.

Typically, when writing posts to a blog, they will appear 'on top' only until you write your next post. And therefore your latest post will always be the first to be seen by visitors. However, I wanted to write an introduction to my website that would stay there, above the fold, and guess what? I was able to find a WordPress plug-in that would do just that for me and keep my introduction post 'sticky' and always in full view. I took my time with that first introduction post, making sure it was informative, attractive and using images created using another of the free online marketing tools.. my favorite image editor.

I updated my new website every day with new and original content, using a free spell checker and an online thesaurus portal to help to keep my posts fresh and interesting to visitors. I added a favicon, which I thought might make my site look more professional and some fancy buttons linking to other pages on my domain, and I included one or two videos in my posts, all using free online marketing tools I might add.. My website had cost me nothing so far, but now I had to consider the promotional aspects of my online business and make sure I started getting visitors, without which, the whole project would be wasted. I found a great back-linking tool that had my new site listed in the Google search engine directory within 24 hours, and an online submitter that notified many other search engines of my new site.

There are many ways that free online marketing tools may be employed to promote and get any website noticed, which in turn will bring the targeted visitors that represents life's blood. Article writing for example is a great tool to promote if used correctly. Website directories, search engines and free online advertising sites are all great ways to improve a website's presence on the Internet. Twitter, Facebook and other social bookmarking sites can help too, and they are all free to join. There are a number of press release websites that are free to join and tell the world about new projects. It is difficult to pinpoint which of these free online marketing tools work and which don't but promotion in any form can't be bad, so I spend a little time on each.

Once you have a website that is attracting visitors, you can consider how you can monetize your online business and turn those visitors into profit. Again, the methods available, affiliate programs, selling advertising space on your site, sponsored search marketing etc. are all free to join methods of making your website profitable and many of these companies will gladly provide you with the free online marketing tools to help promote their links on your pages.

So here I was, one month into my new project and it was earning money. Not a great deal but there was a long way to go and I knew it would only improve as I added more content to my website. The great thing was, I had achieved it all by simply using a variety of free online marketing tools from around the Internet. Yes, there are some that don't work too good and indeed there are those that don't work at all, but if you are prepared to invest a little time on your favorite search engine, it is possible to find free tools to help with almost every aspect of Internet marketing. Good luck with your endeavors.

Trevor Taylor writes of his experiences in the Online Marketing arenas.

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